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Laundry & Cleaning Today - news headlines in current issue  
everything the launderer, drycleaner, textile rental operator and launderette owner wants to know
http://www.laundryandcleaningtoday.com/  Sectors : Associations     
Welcome to TRSA - Textile Rental Services Association  
The Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA) began more than 90 years ago, and its commitment to its members and the industry continues today. Even as times and markets change, TRSA develops new programs and services to help textile rental operators meet today’s challenges. Now as then, TRSA is the textile rental industry’s Route to Success.
http://www.trsa.org/  Sectors : Associations     Leather  
Join the Internets LARGEST WEB BASED COMMUNITY Of Laundromat Professionals  
Join the Internets LARGEST WEB BASED COMMUNITY Of Laundromat Professionals Coinwash.com is the fastest growing Laundromat community Coinwash.com offers a 24/7 Bulletin Board Over 50,000 posts from dedicated professionals offering Informative and valuable information Access the Coinwash.Com website TODAY! Coinwash.com The key to a successful Laundromat Business! Coinwash.com
http://www.coinwash.com  Sectors : Environment   Publications    Spares  Associations  
SLEAT: Society of Laundry Engineers Allied Trades LTD  
(S.L.E.A.T.) is the successor to an earlier trade organisation derived from Laundry Exhibitions which have been held at regular intervals in the United Kingdom since the the early 1890's. S.L.E.A.T. was incorporated in 1907 and its main objects then and ever since have been
http://www.sleat.co.uk/home.asp  Sectors :    Associations  Equipment  
IDC: International Dry cleaners Congress  
In 1957, George Shepherd, the Executive Director of the California Drycleaners Association (CDA), was inspired by President Dwight D. Eisenhower's plea for "People-to-People Diplomacy." President Eisenhower encouraged private contacts between people of different nationalities rather than through government channels to develop peace and friendship on an international basis
http://www.idcnews.org/index.htm  Sectors : Associations   Spares  
Crain Communications, Inc.  
Interesting pubblications fro laundry and Dry-cleaning industry
http://www.crain.com/po.html#american...  Sectors :    Associations  
Reduce Your Electric Bills up to 25% or more.  
Certified Energy Consultants
http://energyindependencestartshere.com  Sectors : Leather   Spares      Associations  
ISSA.com your gateway to success in the cleaning and mainteneve industry  
The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) is a trade association of more than 4,600 member companies from over 83 countries that manufacturer, market and distribute cleaning and maintenance products, equipment and related services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, schools, factories, foodservice establishments, corporate complexes, commercial businesses, and a vast array of other industrial and institutional facilities worldwide.
http://www.issa.com/index.jsp  Sectors : Associations     Spares  
The 8th Shanghai International Laundering Equipment Expo  
The 8th Shanghai International Laundering Equipment Expo. will be held in Shanghai, PR China, from 23rd to 25th August, 2006, at Shanghai Exhibition Center. It will be held in conjunction with The 7th Chinese Cleaning and Dyeing Industry Exhibition, this collaboration will bring together the best from the laundry industry to share latest practices and innovations.
http://www.nationway.com.hk/brochure/...  Sectors :    Environment  Dry Cleaning  Consulting  Associations  
twin clean 2005  
Combined Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Textile industries conference & Exhibition. Gold Coast, Australia. October 27-30 2005
http://www.twinclean2005.com  Sectors :    Environment  Dry Cleaning  Associations  Consulting  
SmartChoice Energy  
Are you a laundry mat in New York City? Are your elecricity bills off the roof? Lower your bills today-GUARANTEED!!!! Visit our web site for more information
http://www.smart-choice-energy.com  Sectors : Spares     Supplies  Associations    
Norh American Restoration Dry Cleaners  
We are a membership based, not-for-profit group of Restoration Dry Cleaners. Our focus is on peer education and growth thru peer evaluation and our National Marketing Strategy. Our motto, “Restoring Responsibility” is the watch words of our organization, and the insurance industry is finding out why.
http://www.n-a-r-d.com  Sectors : Associations       Spares  Supplies  
Cheney Brothers laundries and dry cleanings supplies   
Cheney Brothers carries a complete line of chemicals from window cleaners to floor cleaners, from dishwashing solutions to laundry care with a thirty-day money back guarantee. Under the CBI label you get national brand quality at private label cost.
http://cheneybrothers.com/chemical.shtm  Sectors : Laundrette   Supplies  Associations  
A Dry Cleaners Directory of Dry Cleaners & Suppliers Located in the U.S.! Each business listing submitted provides business owners with an opportunity to display their own unique selling point (USP) of product or service along with a brief description of any additional information they choose. drycleanersdirectory.us also has a combined linked database of individual Dry Cleaners Directorys represented in all 50 States.
http://www.drycleanersdirectory.us  Sectors : Spares   Dry Cleaning  Laundrette  Equipment  Associations  
Ohio Cleaners Association  
Code of Regulations Article I - Name The name of this not-for-profit Corporation shall be the OHIO CLEANERS ASSOCIATION, INC. Its principal office shall be in Columbus, Ohio. Article II - Purposes SECTION I The purposes of the Association shall be: a) To further the best interests of those engaged in the cleaning industry and to foster and promote a feeling of fellowship and good will among members….
http://www.ohiocleaners.org  Sectors : Associations   Spares  
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